909 featured in Behance

My project 909_ALONE_COMIC has been featured in the Comic category of the Behance Illustration gallery. The behance curatorial team features a small number of projects to appear on the front of there gallery each day. They only pick the best work that effectively promotes the Comic community. Thanks  alot!



white board video

How to explain Martins. This is how. First try of making a white-board-video. Drawig: Martin Hager (motor-grafik) , filming: Martin Faltermeier (mfv).


A banner for BUT-Filmfestival (B-movie, underground, trash) in Breda (NL). The motive originates on the idea of a weird world in which giant shrimps were on top of the food chain and humans had the place of candy. How would it look like when CarnEvil was in town? Great fun in Shrimpville!